MOCA Tucson
ROLE:  Animator, Producer
I'm a bit of an aesthete, especially when it comes to modern art, so I was thrilled when I got the opportunity to work with Moca Tucson on their Carnaval d’Avant-Garde. The museum wanted a visual installation to fill the wall behind the band during the event. We knew the event would be Carnaval-themed and that there would be live performers. I had the idea to film the performers prior to the event and use the footage to add another layer to their act. We scheduled a time and a coworker and myself set up a makeshift green screen to film against. Once I had the footage I used keylight to remove the screen and built a layered After Effects file to create a kaleidoscope effect. I also used the echo effect to help break up the repetition and create interesting movements. I knew the installation was going to be projected and I needed to maintain clear space around the band but didn't want it to be static. To accomplish this I made a morphing shape where things could appear and disappear behind. The event was a huge success partially due to several short loops I made to promote it on social media. The turnout was larger than expected and très chic. Fun was had by all.
Event Recap courtesy of MOCA Tucson
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